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Web Portal & Multichannel Hosted Services

We can host a web portal integrated with a staffed Multi-Channel Contact Center consisting of Switch/IVR/CTI/WFM/QA technologies. This will allow you to not only provide great service to your customers but also use the same channels for sales (cross-sell/up-sell). We can customize this for you based on your technical requirements with SLA's suitable for you.

Hosted Sales & Service:

By using our hosting services you can reduce total cost of ownership dramatically and reduce risks of managing ever changing world of contact center technology.

Hi-Caliber IT comes into the picture here as your friend and guide to enable you to strategically design, develop, integrate and deploy hosted services to use globally on 24/7 basis.

We offer expertise in creating effective service channels which are user friendly and suited to your needs.

Advantage of Hosted Services are:

  • No Ownership costs and Minimal Startup Costs.
  • Service through multiple channels like Phone, Email, Chat, Fax and Web-collaboration.
  • Provide an optional IVR (self-service) to reduce the costs.
  • Staffed 24/7 globally to answer queries and cross-sell/up-sell.
  • Web Portal with chat, email channels along with knowledge bank, FAQ and discussion forums.
  • Short-term and Long-term sales campaigns targeted for various markets.
  • Reduce expensive in-house application development and maintenance costs.
  • Reduce costly upgrades due to technology changes.
  • Do not need to hire and maintain expensive resources.
  • Securely integrating with CRM, ERP and Legacy Systems.
  • Ticket Tracking systems to adhere to SLAs.

Contact us with your requirements to find out how you can benefit from our offering and grow your business without spending an arm and a leg. It doesn't hurt to ask.

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