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Detailed Answers to Questions :

Can you help us upgrade Genesys framework to V7 from 6.x ?

Absolutely. We have experience in upgrading not only Genesys framework, but also different components of Genesys including outbound, Internet Suite, WFM and adapters from different versions like 6.x to latest 7.1.x.

Can you help us integrate an IVR with Genesys CTI solution?

Sure, we can use either IVR drivers provided by Genesys or create our own IVR drivers using XML or other data exchange format.

Can you help us upgrade Avaya Interaction Center to 7.0 from version 6.x?

Absolutely. We have experience in upgrading AIC from 6.3 or 6.4 (Which is a patch to 6.3) to Latest version of V7.

Can you help us integrate an IVR with Avaya CTI solution?

Sure. We have experience with several integration scenarios of IVR integration with Avaya AIC CTI solution along with Avaya PBX/S8700 and CRM/ERP systems like Siebel and Epiphany.

Do you have experience in upgrading Informatica?

Yes. Our consultants have already helped clients like BMS, Merrill Lynch and CSFB upgrade their Informatica environments.

Can you help us connecting Informatica to SAP, Peoplesoft, Mainframe,AS400 etc.?

Of course, Informatics' power can be effectively utilized by consolidating or combining data from heterogeneous data sources and we have experienced staff who has utilized tools like PowerConnect, Powerchannel and odbc drivers to connect to Informatica.

Would you be able to help us in Oracle database setup, administration and maintenance?

Yes. We setup databases from scratch for different needs and maintain them.

Can you provide a migration strategy for Oracle-PL/SQL based ETL solution to an Informatica based ETL solution?

Absolutely. Our project management team will be able to provide with and end-to-end solution which comprises of a migration strategy for your existing ETL solution to an COTS product.

Do you have resources available on a short term basis?

Yes. We have resources available in US and in India with different skill sets.

Do you have equipment and office space to execute projects remotely and deliver or deploy the final solution?

Yes. We can take up projects that can be done at our location and we can deliver the finished project to the client.

Do you have offshore facilities and resources available immediately?

Yes. We have offshore facility available in Hyderabad and Chennai in India with equipment, internet access, phones, etc.

Do you have training facilities in US?

Yes. We have both onshore (in US) and offshore training facilities available.

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