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Avaya IR / Voice Portal:

Hi-Caliber IT has 14+ years of experience providing turn-key solutions involving Avaya IVRs including:

  • Avaya Conversant
  • Avaya IVR
  • Avaya Voice Portal

We have supported Avaya IVRs for AT&T, State of Michigan and many more customers.

Our capabilities include:

  • Defining requirements in integrating Avaya IVRs to other components in a Call Center.
  • Call Center Architecture integrating IVR, Speech Rec, TTS, CTI, Voice Recording, WFM solutions.
  • IVR Application Design, Dialog Design, Grammars etc.
  • Vendor Independent IVR Application development using VoiceXML(Vxml),SALT and GRXML.
  • Developing Avaya IVR applications using proprietary tools like Scriptbuilder, IR Designer Studio, etc.
  • Integrating Avaya IVR applications with different Switches like Avaya, Nortel, Aspect etc.
  • IVR-CTI Integrating Avaya IVRs with CTI platforms like Genesys and Avaya IC.
  • Backend Application (CRM, ERP) integration with Avaya IVRs.
  • Testing Avaya IVR applications using Empirix and other Automated test tools.
  • Deploying Avaya IVR solutions without any downtime.
  • Installing, maintaining & troubleshooting of different Avaya IVR platforms.
  • Performance Analysis and Review of exisitng Avaya IVR solutions.
  • Upgrading existing Avaya IVRs to the latest version.

Migrating unsupported Avaya IVR platforms like Conversant to latest technologies.

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